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Convening global researchers and UN professionals at UCL

To bridge the research-policy divide in global governance, UCL hosted researchers from across the globe and UN practitioners for a week long workshop led by Dr Inken von Borzyskowski.


8 March 2023

International policy case study

Research title: Convening UCL researchers and UN professionals
Faculty: UCL Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences
Activity: Engagement
Policy type: 
Country/Region: Africa and the Middle East, Latin America, South Asia, East Asia, South East Asia and Australasia
Policy partner: UN Agencies


10 UN professionals and 10 early-career academics from different institutions discussed “The Role of International Cooperation in Tackling Inequalities.” The participants brought a wealth of diverse experiences, joining from five continents with 15 nationalities and 7 different UN offices.

Dr von Borzyskowski’s goal was to understand what information practitioners need and how research can help meet this demand with data and findings. This two-way dialogue would enable co-production of higher quality research and better evidenced policymaking.

She says: “Among our participants promoted and achieved a constructive and meaningful exchange of ideas, experiences, and lessons learned, both from academic research (and research failures) and from best practices.”


International Policy Engagement

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