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Pioneering mission-oriented innovation with policymakers in Europe, the UK and Scotland

Research led by UCL’s Professor Mariana Mazzucato has encouraged governments to move away from single-department policy approaches and instead think of societal issues as cross-sectoral ‘missions’.


13 February 2023

International policy case study

Research title: Pioneering mission-oriented innovation with policymakers in Europe, the UK and Scotland
Faculty: The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment, Institute of Innovation and Public Purpose
Activity: Research
Policy type: International policymaking, policy structures or informal politics
Country/Region: Europe
Policy partner: EU Institutions, UK Government (Home Departments)


UCL’s Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP) researchers’ work on ‘mission-oriented’ approaches to solving complex societal challenges has helped rethink the role of the state as an active participant in innovation. The research has encouraged governments to organise innovation policy around specific, inspirational goals or ‘missions’ and had a significant impact by:

i) Influencing the European Union to create a new EUR 100bn mission-oriented research and innovation programme

ii) Influencing the UK Government to adopt a mission-oriented approach to industrial policy worth more than £4bn to the British economy

iii) Shaping the design of the Scottish Government’s new £2bn Scottish National Investment Bank


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