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Learning lessons from educational programmes in low- and middle- income countries

UCL education expert Dr Caine Rolleston leads on education research within the Young Lives study, which is contributing to a major collaboration with the University of Oxford to reduce poverty.


21 February 2023

International policy case study

Research title: Learning lessons from educational programmes in low- and middle- income countries
Faculty: Institute of Education, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society
Activity: Research
Policy type: International Education Policy
Country/Region: East Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Latin America, South Asia
Policy partner: UN Agencies, Other International/Multilateral Institutions, FCDO/UK Government Overseas


In 2002, an ambitious longitudinal study began following the lives of 12,000 new-born children from Vietnam, Ethiopia, Peru and India, a group of whom were born in 2002–02, and second, older, group who were born in 1994–95. The Young Lives study, led by the University of Oxford’s Department of International Development, was launched to help shed light both on the drivers and impacts of child poverty, with an emphasis on education and skills. Dr Caine Roleeston has led the education research within Young Lives since 2011. His work focusses on education in developing countries, including learning outcomes and educational access and equity. Data from Young Lives have been used at national and international levels to support change in education including by DFID, UNESCO and the World Bank.


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