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Consultancy for Training on Social and Behavioural Change Communications

Colleagues at UCL's the Centre for Behaviour Change (CBC) have authored a guide for Public Health England that aims to help local governments and their health partners to affect behaviour change.


22 February 2023

International policy case study

Research title: Consultancy for Training on Social and Behavioural Change Communications
Faculty: UCL Faculty of Brain Sciences
Activity: Consultancy
Policy type: Public Health
Country/Region: Europe
Policy partner: UK Government (Home Departments), FCDO/UK Government Overseas


The guide published by Pubic Health Engalnd was written for anyone working in local governments or partner institutions, such as the NHS, emergency services or the third sector, whose remit involves changing behaviour. The guide is based on the Behaviour Change Wheel (BCW), a framework for understanding behaviour in its context and developing interventions and policies to change behaviour. 


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