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Christian Aid Ireland's Humanitarian Programme Plan (HPP)

Dr Julie Norman from UCL’s Department of Political Science jointly leads on a multi-year research project funded by the EU and coordinated by the international NGO Christian Aid.

24 February 2023

International policy case study

Research title: Christian Aid Ireland's Humanitarian Programme Plan (HPP)
Faculty: UCL Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences
Activity: Consultancy
Policy type: International humanitarian policy
Country/Region: Europe
Policy partner: International/Overseas NGOs


Report written entitled 'Integrating Conflict Prevention in Humanitarian Resilience Programmes'. Dr Julie Norman conducted fieldwork in South Sudan, the Congo, Burundi, and Myanmar in 2018, which resulted in the first report being published in 2019. Findings from this report were used to improve NGO programmes in those countries, and findings were shared were other country teams and NGOs as well. Follow up visits were attended in 2022, with a final report to be scheduled later this year.


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