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Advising on Resource Efficiency in EU Member States

Dr Teresa Domenech from UCL's Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources (BSEER) advised EU policymakers on resource efficiency.

24 February 2023

International policy case study

Research title: Transition Towards a Resource Efficient Circular Economy in Europe: Policy Lessons from the EU and the Member States
Faculty: The Bartlett
Activity: Research
Policy type: International economic policy, International environmental policy
Country/Region: Europe
Policy partner: EU Institutions


Dr Domenech and Bettina Bahn-Walkowiak from the Wuppertal Institut authored a report entiteled 'Transition Towards a Resource Efficient Circular Economy in Europe: Policy Lessons from the EU and the Member States'. The report was one of the outcomes of the POLFREE project (Policy Options for A Resource Efficient Economy), coordinated by UCL's Institute for Sustainable Resources (PI Prof Paul Ekins). This FP7 EU-funded research project was especially geared to support policy efforts and initiatives on resource efficiency in the European Commission and involved a wide range of stakeholders from business, the policy world, and NGOs. 

The project had an unusually high budget for dissemination. As the overall coordinator, Prof Paul Ekins highly emphasised policy engagement and creating policy pathways for change, resulting in practical interventions. The project team ran several scenario-developing sessions with policymakers in Europe, representing different EU DGs and Member States. At the time, Prof Ekins was member of the European Resource Efficiency Network, EREP, a high-level advisory body to the European Commission and Prof Domonech acted as Prof Ekin's technical assistant. The Technical Committees, which Prof Domenech sat on, were preparing the proposals for approval by the EREP members. She coordinated the groups on Extended Producer Responsibility and Industrial Symbiosis, providing her with access and very close interaction with policy members at the EU and Member State level, as well as other critical stakeholders.


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