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OVERDUE: Tackling the sanitation taboo across Urban Africa

The OVERDUE Project, led by UCL's Professor Adriana Allen is a transdisciplinary network challenging gender inequalities in sanitation across urban Africa.


25 April 2021

International policy case study

Research title: OVERDUE: Tackling the sanitation taboo across Urban Africa
Faculty: The Bartlett School of Architecture
Activity: Research
Policy type: International sanitation and hygiene policy
Country/Region: Africa and the Middle East
Policy partner: Non-UK National Governments (non-EU), NGOs 


The OVERDUE project brings together academics, practitioners, activists, and grassroots organisations from the Development Planning Unit (DPU), Sierra Leone Urban Research Centre (SLURC), Centre for Community Initiatives Tanzania (CCI), Ardhi University, COWI, and L’être égale, to tackle the sanitation taboo.


Focusing on the three fast-growing cities of Beira (Mozambique), Freetown (Sierra Leone) and Mwanza (Tanzania), the team will work closely with sanitation users and providers, grass-roots organisations, and local authorities. They aim to provide actionable knowledge and foster interaction and collaboration between users and providers across urban Africa to further saniation equality.


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