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Dr Cini Bhanu; Hydration in later life

Cini Bhanu worked with the charity, Age UK London and older Patient & Public Involvement members, to produce a social media campaign to encourage older people to drink well and keep hydrated.

Man pouring a glass of water from a bottle with a lemon

25 April 2021

Project: Hydration in later life
Partner: Age UK London
Fellow: Dr Cini Bhanu, Clinical Research Fellow, Institute of Epidemiology & Health 
Fellowship programme: Policy Engagement and Impact Fellowship 
Date: April - July 2021

This project was based on a research study conducted at the Primary Care & Population Health Department (funded by the NIHR School for Primary Care Research (SPRC)) exploring community-dwelling older people and informal carers’ views on hydration in later life, which identified key barriers to drinking and facilitators to support older people to drink well. 

The public campaign video was produced in conjunction with UCL’s media team. It has been published through Age UK London’s social media networks (alongside the Healthwatch Greenwich newsletter; NIHR SPCR; and local community groups).

The video is under consideration by the NHS Digital team for hosting on the NHS website and has sparked conversations for improving training around hydration in older people amongst health professionals in the NHS North Central and East London community networks.