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Green Innovation Policy Commission

Following the Green Economy Policy Commission in 2015, GIPC is assessing how green innovation can contribute to strengthening the structure and development of the UK economy.


10 May 2019

Project information

Chair: John Cridland
Research direction: Prof Paul Ekins (UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources)


The UCL Green Innovation Policy Commission (GIPC) is chaired by John Cridland with research direction from Prof Paul Ekins (UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources).

Following the Green Economy Policy Commission in 2015, GIPC is assessing how green innovation can contribute to strengthening the structure and development of the UK economy. 

Commissioners come from organisations as broad as UPS, Northumbrian Water, Fujitsu, WWF, John Lewis, Arup and Veolia, with policy and research input from UCL.

Outputs and impacts

Meetings have taken place with government (BEIS) and parliament (the Environmental Audit Committees, Public Accounts Committee and Treasury Committee), as well as inputting into BEIS task force on ‘economic recovery’.

The BEIS Committee launched an inquiry into ‘Institutional arrangements to meet net zero’ based on Commission ideas.

Parliamentary reports including ‘Technologies for meeting clean growth emissions reduction targets’ and ‘First Report: My BEIS inquiry: proposals from the public’ cite the Commission. 

Recent reports from BEIS (2023) on ‘Review of Net Zero’ and ‘Supply chain demonstrator project: final evaluation report’ (2021) and IPPR (2021) on ‘Fairness and opportunity: A people-powered plan for the green transition’ cite the work of the Commission and its findings

Coverage of Commission and its report in the media and in blogs: