About TACT

Below is an overview of the TACT trial

Recruitment target



People aged 55 or over with mild cognitive impairment and hearing loss.


Participants will be randomly assigned to either the hearing intervention or the healthy ageing intervention:

  • Hearing intervention

Participants will be fitted with hearing aids and given advice and support with using them. They will be encouraged to wear the hearing aids on a daily basis and given strategies to overcome any communication difficulties they experience.

  • Healthy ageing intervention

Participants will receive health education on factors that promote healthy ageing and may reduce risk of progression from mild cognitive impairment to dementia. This includes advice about lowering systolic blood pressure, regulating blood glucose, being physically active, and maintaining healthy bones, joints and muscles.


Participants' homes or the UCL Division of Psychiatry, depending on participant preference.

Participating centres

The following memory services will help us to identify patients who may be willing to take part:

  • Barnet, Enfield and Haringey NHS Foundation Trust
  • Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust
  • Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust
  • East London NHS Foundation Trust

Participant involvement

Involvement in the trial includes:

  • Seven visits over six months including four intervention visits
  • Assessment of cognition, activities of daily living, and quality of life
  • Accelerometry (a watch that measures physical activity throughout the day)

Qualitative interviews

A subset of participants will be invited to take part in an interview with a researcher at the end of the trial to talk about their experience of the trial.

Participant Information Sheet 

Communication Partner Information Sheet