Assessing the Impact of DREAMS:START on carers of people with dementia and other conditions

People living with multiple conditions alongside dementia tend to have worse sleep than those with only one clinical diagnosis. 

For this reason, we are interviewing family carers of people living with dementia and at least one other long-term condition like diabetes or hypertension, to explore their experience of the DREAMS:START intervention. We are also evaluating whether the intervention has had any impact on sleep difficulties in people living with dementia and other long-term conditions, and how best to adapt the intervention to work better for them. 

Additionally, we are assessing the utility of a portable EEG device called the Dreem headband in measuring sleep in people living with dementia.

Team members: 

Chief Investigators: Professor Gill Livingston, Dr Penny Rapaport
Heading the project: Dr Lucy Webster
Researcher: Ankita Bhojwani (a.bhojwani@ucl.ac.uk)

Information sheets

Person Living with Dementia Information Sheet – EEG Substudy

Easy read EEG information sheet 

Personal Consultee Information Sheet – EEG Substudy