After the Liverpool Care Pathway: What next for people with dementia? (ALCP)

Project Summary

The aim of this study was to develop and test the usability and acceptability of a set of heuristics (rules of thumb) which could be used by practitioners providing EOLC for people with dementia in a variety of clinical and care settings.

Phase 1: conducted focus groups with families and practitioners to develop an understanding of the difficulties and challenges practitioners face when caring for someone with dementia at the end of life; Phase 2) used co-design methods with family carers, professionals and leading experts to develop a novel, simple and applied set of rules of thumb; Finally Phase 3) Tested the feasibility of the developed heuristics in real settings including general practice, hospitals, palliative care community teams, and community nursing teams. The rules of thumb were evaluated by conducting semi-structured interviews with users.

Selected Publications

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