UCL Partners (UCLP) Acute Hospital Dementia Training Programme

This was an evaluation of a system-wide train the trainers model to improve the care of people with dementia in general hospitals

Project Summary

Our aim was to implement and evaluate a training programme  to improve the care received by older people with dementia who are admitted to the acute hospital.

There are concerns about the quality of care that people with dementia receive in hospital. We implemented a train-the-trainer model across eight London acute hospitals via the UCLP academic health and science network.  We evaluated impact using mixed methods; staff (Sense of Competency in dementia Scale), wards (Person Interaction and Environment observations), hospitals (implementation of  specific tools i.e. “This Is Me”) and at system level (numbers and types of staff trained). We trained 2020 staff. There was a significant improvement in  sense of competence in dementia care and the quality of interactions with patients. More hospitals adopted person centred tools.

Selected Publications

Improving the care of people with dementia in general hospitals: evaluation of a whole-system train-the-trainer model.