Psychotropic Medication

Optimising psychotropic medication for people with intellectual disability

A 3 year programme of work aimed at improving the use of psychotropic medication in adults with intellectual disability. The project includes a systematic literature review, qualitative study, and a feasibility trial of an innovative new method of conducting psychotropic medication review meetings using a web-based application.

Funding and management

The work is funded by an NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship awarded to Rory Sheehan (DRF-2016-09-140). The supervisory team is led by Professor Angela Hassiotis (UCL) and includes Professor André Strydom (King's College London) and Dr Nicola Morant (UCL). Dr Paramala Santosh (King's College London) and Louise Marston (UCL) are project collaborators. The work is sponsored by University College London.