The in house statisticians, Victoria Vickerstaff and Federico Ricciardi, provide statistical advice to staff within the department. They support projects from the study design through to the write up of the results. The advice they provide includes, but is not limited to, study design, statistical analysis and power calculations and they carry out formal data analysis.

Victoria joined the department in 2012. Her work includes supporting the prognostication projects, including the PIPS2 trial, supporting the Advanced liver disease team and the Dementia team. She is also working towards a PhD which examines the benefits of analysing clinical trials data with multiple outcomes using multivariate multilevel modelling compared to standard techniques.

Federico joined the department in 2016. His work includes supporting the I-CAN-CARE research programme and the MepFAC study. His methodological research interests includes causal Inference for observational studies, sequential treatments and regression discontinuity designs.

Victoria has a joint posts with the Research Department of PCPH and Federico has a joint point with the Research Department of PCPH and the Department of Statistical Science.