Director's Pledges 2022-23

In support of the Division of Psychiatry’s Race Equity and Ethnic Diversity (REED) strategy, our Director made seven pledges. Our progress to date can be viewed by clicking on each pledge.

Pledge 1: Engage with UCL Admissions and Faculty educational leads to explore options for name-blind recruitment for MSc students.

We have engaged with Faculty educational leads and received their support for this initiative. However, the process for name-blind recruitment is complex, requiring approval from central UCL admissions, and we continue to discuss and explore options with the Faculty EDI Team.

Pledge 2: Create and implement resources for standardized, fair and inclusive recruitment.

A new recruitment pack has been developed and is available from the DoP human resources team and is also available on the DoP intranet. This includes standardised templates for job adverts and person specifications. All new DoP jobs should use these templates.

Pledge 3: Ensure that the Divisional website is fully accessible regardless of disabilities and neurodivergences.

We have reviewed the accessibility of the Divisional website and it has risen from a Site Improve score of 70.9 to 72.1. We have identified the areas that need further improvement and will work with DoP comms team to implement these changes.

Pledge 4: Appoint a Career Development Champion for Professional Services staff.

We have appointed a Career Development Champion for Professional Services staff, whose role includes collating and sharing best practices from across the Faculty, and creating resources for Professional Services staff’s career development including job, secondment and training opportunities.

Pledge 5: Coordinate a Division-wide In2Science outreach initiative.

The In2scienceUK organisation aims to provide young people from disadvantaged backgrounds an opportunity to gain insight into the science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) sector and support them in the process of applying to university.  We have organised a Division-wide In2Science outreach programme for the past two years which has involved a large number of students and DoP staff.

Pledge 6: Run a high-profile EDI seminar series that covers themes of evidence-based policy, unconscious bias and lived experience of exclusion, which includes post-event discussions. 

We have held two EDI seminars on topics including science, eugenics and race, and EDI in Arts and Humanities at UCL, and will continue to arrange further seminars in the series.

Pledge 7: Publish an annual review and audit of pledge targets from the previous year.

We have audited the 2021-22 and 2022-23 Director’s pledges and reported these via our website.