Department of Political Science


MPA Programme Overview

The MPA offers a balanced coverage of a wide range of public administration topics, with a strong focus on managing public services and leadership skills.

 Public Management and Leadership MPA Programme Overview

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Student Stories

Antonia Browne Russo - Current Student in Public Management and Leadership MPA

Antonia Browne Russo MPA Student
''The blend of academic theory and practical application, mainly through diverse case studies and the encouragement to relate coursework to our personal interests, has been most appealing.I highly recommend the program, especially to those with professional experience seeking new insights and skills. The programme offers comprehensive coverage of public administration and allows for in-depth exploration of specific interests.''


Abraham Selby - Current Student in Public Management and Leadership MPA

Abraham Selby MPA Student
''One thing I like about my course is that I can bring my core I.T concepts and policy ideas to map into the current studies and help me understand the management and policy implications related such topics. I am also impressed by the time we spend on the practice sessions to discuss real world problems and how we can solve them. ''