Department of Political Science


The IPAS Team

Meet the team who manage the International and Public Affairs Society including the journal and events.

Ivaana is sat on a balcony garden, with views of the city behind her.
Ivaana C. Mitra - President

Ivaana is a first year BSc Politics and International Relations student from India. She is interested in Public Policy and American Politics. She is hoping to join the field of policymaking and lobbying after her time at UCL. She is committed to giving back to society and is constantly looking for ways to volunteer. Outside lecture halls, she is found deciphering Taylor Swift lyrics, coping with the weather of London and trying to explore as many parks as possible. 
This year, IPAS is aiming to build a more integrated community within the department, to reach out to them, email ipasuniversitycollegelondon@gmail.com


Julian is wearing a blue suit and tie, and stands in front of some bushes
Julián Arévalo - Vice-President

Julian is from Colombia, pursuing a master’s degree in Public Administration and Management. His interests are public finances and policy implementation. He holds an economics and business Degree from Universidad de los Andes, Colombia, where he taught principles of macroeconomics. He has worked for over eight years in the government and the Congress of Colombia. Recently, he joined the United Nations Volunteers program at the United Nations Development Program. He likes to run, and his dream is to run a marathon, which he is preparing to achieve.

Erika stands in a European street at night. Lights from cars can be seen behind her.
Erika Takeuchi - Head of Events

Erika is a first year PPE student. She is interested in political theory, particularly around the role of technology in democracy. She will drop the books and run outside at the slightest sight of the sun, so it’s a good thing she studies in London. 

Shachi is sitting in a restaurant, with her chin in her hand.
Shachi Gokhale - Editor-in-Chief

Shachi is a final year Politics and International Relations student from India. She is interested in political economics, diplomacy, and political risk. She is especially keen to study the role of globalisation in domestic politics in the 21st century. In her free time, she enjoys walking around the scenic parks in London.