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Political Science undergraduate modules for 2024/25. Module links will take you to the UCL Module Catalogue where you can find detailed descriptions and more information.

BSc Philosophy, Politics and EconomicsBSc Politics and International Relations | BSc PPE with Social Data Science (Q-Step) | Electives

Module Selection

To fully support you when selecting your modules UCL have compiled the following guidance and resources:

Please take some time to review these before making your choices.  

BSc Philosophy, Politics and Economics

POLS0006 Introduction to Politics First year
POLS0008 Introduction to Quantitative Research MethodsFirst year
POLS0009 Public PolicySecond year
POLS0031 Qualitative Research MethodsSecond/Third year
POLS0102 DissertationThird year

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 BSc Politics and International Relations

POLS0002 Democracy & AuthoritarianismFirst year
POLS0054 Climate Change: Politics and Policy First year
POLS0055 Extremism and PopulismFirst year
POLS0056 RefugeesFirst year
POLS0057 Protest and RevolutionFirst year
POLS0058 Identity Politics: Prejudice, Inclusion and Equal RightsFirst year
POLS0060 Science, Scientific Discovery and StatisticsFirst year
POLS0061 Foundations of Political ThoughtFirst year
POLS0077 Political ViolenceFirst year
POLS0082 Policy MakingFirst year
POLS0081 Public Sector EconomicsFirst year
POLS0063 Ethics and Public PolicySecond year
POLS0083 Quantitative Data AnalysisSecond year
POLS0031 Qualitative Research MethodsSecond year
POLS0086 DissertationThird year

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BSc PPE with Social Data Science (Q-Step)

POLS0007 Principles of Social Science ResearchFirst year BSc PPE students on Politics and Philosophy Concentration
POLS0008 Introduction to Quantitative Research MethodsFirst year BSc PPE students
POLS0010 Data AnalysisSecond year Q-Step students
POLS0012 Causal Analysis in Data ScienceThird year Q-Step students & third year BSc PIR students
POLS0013 Measurement in Data ScienceThird year Q-Step students & third year BSc PIR students

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The following modules are open to Political Science Undergraduate students and, restrictions permitting, affiliate students and students from external departments. Please click on the links for pre-requisites and departmental restrictions.

If you're not based in the UCL Department of Political Science but are interested in taking some options/electives that we have available, please check first with the Module Leader and your Programme Director for prior permission.

Please note some of our modules are restricted to the Department of Political Science students only and/or may require a pre-requisite module to have been selected/taken. We recommend you read the criteria listed within the module catalogue.  

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Modules listed below are not available for the Academic Year 2024-25:

  • POLS0026 International Organisations
  • POLS0036 Policy Analysis and Evaluation
  • POLS0037 Democratic Challenges and Innovations
  • POLS0038 Discourses and Practices of International Development
  • POLS0041 Politics of Economic Policy in Post-Industrial Democracies
  • POLS0045 International Political Economy
  • POLS0066 Political Behaviour: Voters, Public Opinion and Political Participation
  • POLS0089 Regulating Big Business
  • POLS0053 How to Argue About Politics (First Year BSc PIR students only)

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The modules listed on this page are those expected to run for the next academic year. Over the course of the year we may need to cancel or amend an advertised module, but the Department will make every effort to inform you as soon as possible.