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Episode 3: Should the brain be left to neuroscientists? | Spring 2011 - Lunch Hour Lectures

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Episode 3 - Lunch Hour Lectures - Spring 2011

Should the brain be left to neuroscientists?

Since the 'decade of the brain' in the 1990s an increasing range of previously taboo subjects have been examined by neuroscientists. These include autobiographical memory, aesthetics, love and of course consciousness itself. The rise of imaging techniques which provide engaging pictures of brain activity have added to the appeal. Of course plenty of other discplines within the arts as well as science put the brain at the heart of their project. But how effectively has neuroscience integrated these other approaches into its work? And should the direction of brain research be left to scientists anyway?

This lecture marks Brain Awareness Week 14-20 March.

Dr Daniel Glaser
Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Department of Science and Technology Studies
15 March 2011

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