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Rural China: Street dancing mothers

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Rural China: Street dancing mothers

For a group of middle aged women living in the northern Chinese countryside, social media is impacting upon their lives in the most unusual of ways, such as by helping to support their dance group.

The women use the Chinese social media network QQ to talk to communicate with each other outside their daily dance practice. The team captain talks about how they share videos, new dance moves and music, but also about how they use the platform to discuss their home life with each other.

This short documentary film was made as part of the UCL Global Social Media Impact Study (http://whywepost.com).

Funded by the European Research Council (ERC Project 2011-AdG-295486).


Kiki Wang (http://www.bestkiki.com)

Tom McDonald

Thanks to:
Mrs Zhao
Minzu University of China
Professor Ying Zhang, School of Management, Minzu University of China




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