Institute for the Physics of Living Systems


IPLS PostDocs

At IPLS there are currently ~40 postdoctoral fellows in 12 different research groups.

To establish better communication, a sense of community and to allow collaborations, the IPLS organises several activities throughout the year.

The scientific activities include:

How to join the IPLS postdoc community?

If you are a postdoctoral researcher at UCL or The Francis Crick Institute and you are interested in biological physics, please contact Sahra Abdulkadir (sahra.abdulkadir@ucl.ac.uk) and ask to join the programme.

How to become an IPLS postdoc?

If you would like to do postdoctoral research at IPLS, group leaders are always keen to hear from talented scientists in pursuing a research career in the relevant field. Enquiries can be made direct to Group leaders. All UCL vacancies are advertised through the University’s website. Queries can be directed to the contact provided within the job vacancy.