UCL Philosophy



Thanks are owed to a number of people and organisations for making this project possible.

Website & Texts

Howard Peacock, who designed this website and also prepared some of the texts and proofread others.

Kelvin Valters, who also prepared a substantial portion of the writings presented here.

Donald Franklin, who arranged for the digitisation of the unpublished papers, which were proof-read by Liz Valentine and Ross Ford, who proof-read the Russell book.

Further help and support were provided by Wendy Robbins, Peter Cave, Simon Evnine, Fraser McBride, Dorothy Edgington, David Lagnado, Oliver Black, Anthony Gottlieb, and David Lewisohn.


The photographs on this site were very kindly supplied by Timothy Sprigge, after having been tracked down by Ted Honderich. The name of the artist of the sketch is unknown. It was found on Johnny's personal file in the UCL Philosophy Department.

Unpublished Manuscripts

Johnny's unpublished manuscripts were recovered from Johnny's house and given to the Philosophy Department by Dorothea and Lutz Brandes, who also provided a great deal of help in the early stages and without whom this project could not have got started.

Copyright in Johnny's papers has passed to Amnesty International. We thank Amnesty International for their permission to use these papers.


The project was funded by the Philosophy Department at UCL, and the British Academy, to whom we give our grateful thanks.