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Supervisor information

Terminology, registration, induction documents and more for Supervisors.

Supervisor terminology

TitleWhat they doNotes
Educational Supervisor (ES)Supervise a practitioner through the whole PG DIP programme 
Practice Supervisor (PS)Supervise a practitioner through a segment of the PG DIP programmeThere are different types of Practice Supervisor eg. Ward tutor, Section head, FS2 Lead.
Educational Programme Director (EPD)Lead for the PG Dip programme at a local level 

Registering as a Supervisor

To register as a Supervisor, please contact sop.professionalcourses@ucl.ac.uk letting us know your name, email address, trust and any practitioners you are responsible for. An account will then be created for you on the School of Pharmacy's Supervisor Moodle to allow you to access resources and information related to the programme

You will then be able to log in using the following link:

Supervisor Moodle

Diploma Supervisor induction document

The Diploma Supervisor Induction Document (DSID) is designed to provide guidance for new Practice and Educational Supervisors at accredited hospitals. Educational Programme Directors will also find it useful in appointing and managing the development of supervisors locally. Please contact sop.professionalcourses@ucl.ac.uk if you have any other queries in the meantime.

Supervisor training sessions

The School of Pharmacy offer three half-day training events - the Diploma Induction and Refresher for Supervisors, Advanced Skills for Clinical Supervisors and Support for Practice Supervisors (FS2 Leads).

Induction and refresher

The “Induction and refresher” session is primarily aimed at new Supervisors to help them gain a greater understanding of the programme and their roles in facilitating practitioner training. It covers the fundamentals of using workplace-based assessments and the basic structure and philosophy of the programme.  More experienced supervisors are welcome to attend all or part of this session as a 'refresher'.

“I found the session very helpful at outlining deadlines, different types of JPB programmes, and the type of assessments used in the programme.” – Jenni Harper, Critical Care Pharmacist
“The Induction was very useful and the facilitator made the session very engaging.” - Majed Shamat, Lead Pharmacist- Medicine
Advanced skills for clinical Supervisors

The 'Advanced skills for clinical Supervisors' half-day training session is for delegates to develop their skills as clinical supervisors in the workplace. It is not a session on the structure of the Diploma. It draws on theory and the experiences of delegates in an interactive manner; exploring how we communicate with each other, the nature of supervisor-practitioner relationships and how to give feedback. As such, the session is suitable for both new and experienced supervisors.

“The training course was very useful and the communication style indicator was a fun activity to do.” - Khatija Choudry, Senior Integrated Care Pathway Pharmacist
“I found the course really interesting in learning about preferred communication styles and also tips regarding confrontation.” - Kate Pine, Principal Pharmacist Education and Training
FS2 Supervisors

The “FS2 Supervisors” training session provides an overview of each FS2 module, with particular attention to the role of the supervisors for the FS2 Clinical and Professional Practice (CPP) module. The session also includes a workshop on critical reflective writing to give supervisors confidence supporting their practitioners with the CPP module essay. This session is recommended for both those acting as educational supervisors and FS2 supervisors.

Sessions are open to registered supervisors at accredited Training Centre.

The majority of sessions are run in central London at the UCL School of Pharmacy or another UCL building around the Bloomsbury campus but in some cases, we deliver sessions locally or by conference call for the convenience of one or more Training Centres. All available events are advertised below.

PLEASE NOTE:  All supervisor training events will take place at the UCL School of Pharmacy (29-39 Brunswick Square, London, WC1N 1AX). It is likely we will have a limit on the maximum number of attendees for in-person events. If you would like to attend any of the events, please contact sop.professionalcourses@ucl.ac.uk stating which event/date you would like to attend, your role and the training centre you are from you will then be issued with an Eventbrite booking link. 









Thursday 14 December 2023 

Advanced Skills for Clinical Supervisors  





Thursday 11 January 2024 

Induction & Refresher 





Wednesday 7th February 2024 

Induction & Refresher 





Thursday 18th April 2024 

FS2 Supervisor Training 





Tuesday 21st May 2024 

FS2 Supervisor Training  





Tuesday 18th June 2024 

Induction & Refresher 



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