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As a qualified pharmacy technician you can now undertake local professional training in medicines management on a programme accredited by the UCL School of Pharmacy.

The Certificate in Medicines Management for Pharmacy Technicians (CMMPT) programme has been developed to support the continuing professional development of pharmacy technicians.

The programme has been designed by Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust, Essex Rivers NHS Trust and London, Eastern and South East Specialist Pharmacy Services jointly with the UCL School of Pharmacy.

The programme is delivered by centres accredited by the UCL School of Pharmacy and comprises a taught programme, independent study, practical assignments and an examination.

The programme examines the principles of medicines management and their application. It introduces students to basic clinical pharmacy skills, elements of pathophysiology, pharmacology and therapeutics for a range of conditions. There are a number of practice activities to undertake, including pharmaceutical treatment of special patient groups reflecting the diverse areas you as a pharmacy technician are involved with.

Entry requirements

Students need to be qualified pharmacy technicians with at least two years’ post-qualifying experience. The programme is undertaken in the work place. Before enrolling on the course please make sure that your work place is an accredited site. Please see below for a list of accredited sites.

Duration and delivery

The programme is undertaken over one academic year and entails 450 hours of learning. This includes: 50 hours (minimum) of workshops/tutorials; 70 hours of coursework; 150 hours of independent study; and 120 hours of assessed guided study. Throughout the programme, pharmacy technicians maintain a reflective learning diary and are encouraged to become responsible for their own learning. This work based programme is delivered via accredited NHS training centres, making your place of work the learning environment.


The Certificate is worth 1.5 course units at Level 5 of the QAA Framework for Higher Education Qualifications.


A variety of teaching methods will be used, comprising lectures, seminars, group work and presentations at accredited training centres. At the accredited training centres, work based course tutors provide teaching in this programme.

The syllabus comprises the following subject areas:

  • Policies and Procedures (local and national)
  • Patient Consultation skills
  • Clinical Governance
  • Understanding Medical Notes and Pharmaceutical Care Planning
  • Interpretation of End-of-bed, Biochemical and Haematological Results
  • Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) and Drug Interactions
  • Antibiotics and Microbiology
  • Pharmaceutical Calculations
  • Principles of Drug Therapy in Liver and Renal Disease
  • Drug Use in Special Care Groups (Paediatrics, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding)
  • Coronary Heart Disease
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Respiratory Disease
  • Gastrointestinal Disease
  • Pain Control
  • Care for Older People
  • Mental Health


There will be a number of assignments, practice activities and case studies along with a tutor report on practice-based activities and an examination at the end of the programme.

Examination Fee for 2023 - 24

Fees are payable for the examination entry and award and are £280 for those working within the NHS (payable at the time of enrolment). 


Applications take place within the accredited hospital. The UCL School of Pharmacy works closely with the representative, ensuring all entry requirements are met and assist with your enrolment for this course. Applicants should ideally have 2 years of post-qualification experience. For any applicants with less than 2 years, please contact UCL Teaching and Learning Office via sop.professionalcourses@ucl.ac.uk before making an application.

All candidates wishing to start their studies in September 2023 are required to complete an online application form.

The deadline for applications is Friday 15th September 2022. 


Training centres currently accredited

The CMMPT course currently runs in three centres around London (Addenbrooke's Hospital, Royal Free Hospital and Colchester). 

Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge and the Royal Free welcome external students. However, there is a fee for external students in addition to the UCL exam fee.  Addenbrooke’s will charge a fee for external students in addition to the UCL exam fee.  Colchester Hospitals only run the course for technicians from their local Trusts.

For further information on the application process please contact the following representatives:

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust  - Addenbrookes Hospital 

Colchester Hospital Trust   

Richard Gant    richard.gant@colchesterhospital.nhs.uk

Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust  

Meera Thacker    meerathacker@nhs.net

Please note: We cannot accept applications from technicians working within non-accredited sites or community pharmacies at the present time.

Comments from previous students

  • “The Certificate in Medicines Management is an excellent course.”
  • "It has improved my clinical skills no end, so that I feel more confident when working as a ward technician and in the pharmacy department. It has also helped me in teaching student technicians.”
  • “I’ve really enjoyed the course.”
  • "It has been some time since completing my BTEC so the sessions on various conditions and their treatment really brushed up my knowledge again.”
  • "I think all ward technicians and technicians regularly counselling patients should go on the course.”

Contact for enquiries and applications

For more information on how to apply as a student contact the admin team at sop.professionalcourses@ucl.ac.uk . For information on how to become an accredited training centre to deliver the course, please contact the Programme Director, Professor Ian Bates at i.bates@ucl.ac.uk.