UCL School of Pharmacy

Dr Rachael Dickman

Dr Rachael Dickman

Lecturer in Drug Discovery

Pharma & Bio Chemistry

UCL School of Pharmacy

Joined UCL
1st Sep 2013

Research summary

Our research focuses on the synthesis and evaluation of antimicrobial peptides to address the antibiotic resistance crisis. We are interested in solid-phase synthesis of complex cyclic peptides and their analogues, and in studying their structure and mechanism of action using a suite of NMR and biophysical methods. To enable these synthetic efforts, we are also interested in developing novel synthetic routes to the unusual amino acids found in naturally-occurring antimicrobial peptides.


Doctorate, |
University of Manchester
Other higher degree, Master of Chemistry | 2013


Dr Rachael Dickman obtained her PhD from UCL in 2018 under the supervision of Professor Alethea Tabor. Following postdoctoral research with Professor Máté Erdélyi at Uppsala University, Sweden, she returned to the Department of Chemistry at UCL as an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow to work with Professor Stefan Howorka and Professor Alethea Tabor. In 2020, Rachael joined the School of Pharmacy as Lecturer in Drug Discovery.