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The many challenges faced by those in our ageing population can cause detrimental effects on society. By celebrating ageing, we can replace these perceived notions with the many positives, such as empowering the population towards a healthier and more independent living.

There are many negative connotations associated with ageing, primarily due to the onset of various clinical ailments, diseases and their effect on general wellbeing. A change in image alone is not enough, as the challenges themselves must be addressed and real innovative solutions must be adopted. This Grand Challenge can only be met by inspiring everyone, across a range of abilities and aspirations, aided by cross-disciplinary collaboration and by strengthening the links between science, policy and the public.

The CelebrAGE network aspires to create a central platform for Principal Investigators (PI’s) in ageing-related research at UCL with the aim to become a catalyst for:

  • Inspiration and new insights
  • Exchange of ideas with UCL colleagues from different departments as well as external stakeholders 
  • Creation of new cross-disciplinary research and innovation projects
  • Public engagement events that bring UCL-lead research and innovations for healthy ageing to the general public through artistic collaborations


Graphic showing the different stages of the ageing process throughout life


Patient putting pills into a pill box


Our events series covers a wide range of topics that will bring you the latest information in this area of research. 

Covid 19 research project about how this has affected elderly Londoners

Blog: How has Covid-19 affected older Londoners

The Covid-19 pandemic has wrought great havoc on society, but from early reports that were published during the first months of lockdown in the UK that started in March 2020, it became clear that not everybody was being affected in the same way. Find out more in this blog post.