UCL School of Pharmacy


Coat of arms

Learn about the UCL School of Pharmacy coat of arms.

The shield has a blue band across the top and a blue diagonal band running from the top right-hand corner* on either side of which stands a mortar and pestle in gold on a silvery white ground.

On the diagonal band is the Staff of Asclepius, entwined by a serpent in gold.

Upon the transverse blue band is in the centre a Tudor rose surrounded by golden rays and on either side of it an open book, with gilt edges and clasps, these being part of the arms of the University of London.

The helm is the plain-helm of an esquire and on top of the helm is the crest consisting of two poppy heads with stalks crossed in the form of a St Andrew's cross, arranged in front of a foxglove. Covering the helm behind is the mantle. This consists of stylized foliage ending in two tassels on either side below the motto 'Salutifer Orbi' and two more tassels on either side of the helm.
*In heraldic descriptions, the right- and left-hand sides of a shield are indicated in the same way as the right and left of the person carrying the shield and not from the point of view of the observer.