UCL School of Pharmacy


Confocal Microscopy

Find out more about the UCL School of Pharmacy facility's confocal microscopes.

The UCL School of Pharmacy facility has two confocal microscopes.

Zeiss LSM 510 Meta

The facility has a Zeiss LSM 510 Meta, equipped with a 30mW (lines at 458, 477, 488 (blue) and 514nm) Argon ion laser, a 1mW 543nm (green) HeNe laser and a 5mW 633nm (red) HeNe laser.

The 510 has a full temperature, CO2 and humidity controlled incubation system allowing for extended time lapse imaging of live cells.

Zeiss LSM 710

We also have a Zeiss LSM 710 with 30mW 405nm diode laser (near UV), a 25mW Argon ion laser (lines at 458, 488 (blue) and 514nm), a 25mW 595nm diode laser and a 5mW 633nm (red) HeNe laser. It also has full incubation system and is equipped with a motorized XY stage.

The 710 offers significantly improved imaging speed and sensitivity over the 510 in addition to a more versatile emitted light wavelength selection system.

Use of the confocal microscopes

The confocal microscopes are available use by all members of the School after attending a training session. However, to cover the costs of the service contracts on these instruments, there is an hourly charge for their use.

Please contact David Gathercole for the current rates.

External bookings are also welcomed, subject to time on a microscope being available. Please contact David Gathercole for details.