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UCL Executive Programme in Behavioural Science FAQ

Q: I’m really interested in Behavioural Science but I have limited knowledge in the subject. Can I still apply?

A: Absolutely! The programme has been designed so everyone attending will get benefits and value regardless of their existing knowledge of behavioural science.

Q: What preparation should I do in advance of the programme?

A: Whilst there are no formal requirements or assignments that you need to undertake before starting the programme we recommend that participants think carefully about specific workplace challenges where they can apply learning from the programme. Those participants who wish to conduct some pre-reading around the subject, a recommended reading / activity sheet will be available from the Programme Directors four weeks before the first module.

Q: How much additional study will I be expected to undertake after each session?

A: Even though no formal ‘homework’ is planned, the Programme Directors may issue pre-reading in advance of modules. Typically this will require a maximum of 60 minutes study time. It is important to note that the programme has been designed to be relevant and pragmatic. Therefore participants will be urged to consider the applicability of what they have learnt after each module. If there is a specific project they are working through on the programme they will be encouraged to update their plans between sessions.

Q: What is the typical profile of other participants on this programme?

A: This programme will be attractive and relevant to any business or policy professional whose success is primarily measured in terms of their ability to influence, persuade and produce change. Therefore the programme will attract participants from a broad range of job roles and experiences. For example, attendees at previous similar programmes have included Marketing and Brand Managers, Sales Directors, Local and National Government officials, Client Services Managers, Business Development Managers, HR Professionals, CSR staff, Entrepreneurs and Owner Operators.

Q: What will I receive as a result of completing the course?

A: Participants who complete the programme will receive a signed certificate of attendance from CPD'@'PaLS at University College London.

Q: I can’t make any of the current published dates, when will the programme be running again?

A: Please leave your contact details with the Programme Administrators so they can make sure you receive dates for the next available programme.

Q: What happens if I can’t make all the sessions?

A: We would encourage participants to do their best to attend every session. We also recognise that very occasionally circumstances can prevent this. If you do have to miss a session please inform the Programme Directors as soon as possible.

Q: Are there any examinations?

A: There are no exams, however participants will be encouraged to seek feedback and assessment on their projects by the Programme Directors and teaching staff.

Q: Is the programme available in multiple languages?

A: Currently this Programme is only available in English.

Q: Can my employer sponsor me on this programme?

A: Absolutely. We expect many participants to be sponsored by their employer due to the highly practical and applicable design of the programme where both participants and their employers will benefit.

Simply indicate on your application that you would like UCL to issue an invoice. UCL also accepts cheques and credit cards (which is preferred).

Q: Is there a discount for multiple applications?

A: Currently there are no discounts available for multiple applications. However we do offer organisations the facility to commission their own in-house programme customised to specific needs and timeframe. Please contact either of the Programme Directors (steve@influenceatwork.co.uk or d.tsivrikos@ucl.ac.uk) for an initial discussion.

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