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Doctoral Projects

Research carried out by past and current PhD students.

Developmental Projects
Acquired Projects
Treatment for global aphasia: Current perspectives and a novel approach
Sharon Adjei
Can insights from usage-based grammar stimulate novel pathways in the rehabilitation of non-fluent aphasia?
Claudia Bruns (née Heilemann)
Is a peer-led group training intervention more effective than usual care in improving social skills following brain injury?
Susan Howell
Making meal times better for those with a dementia. The impact on nursing home residents and health care assistants of a feeding assistance training programme
Mo McCartney
Evaluation of a multidisciplinary community intervention following acquired brain injury: A case series exploring community integration
Clare Thomas
Botulinum Toxin (Botox): A new treatment for excess saliva
Chetan Vyas
Factors affecting the speech of people with Parkinson's Disease
Maxwell Barnish
Better Conversations with Primary Progressive Aphasia (BCPPA): Communication training to keep families together.
Anna Volkmer