UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Core Guidelines


Every student or member of staff must undergo a lab induction as required by divisional policy on health and safety.  There are no exceptions to this rule, and it applies regardless of whether you are testing only in one booth, only the anechoic chamber, or only the ICL. The induction takes around 30-45 minutes and is usually delivered in-person. During this induction, you will discuss the following important points:

  • Working hours appropriate for your level (undergraduate/master/PhD/staff/non-UCL personnel);
  • Access codes to the lab and key safe combinations as relevant, as well as relevant passwords;
  • Your responsibilities regarding your participants;
  • Your responsibilities regarding consumables and equipment;
  • Emergency procedures, including calling 222;
  • Making bookings on the booking system;
  • Appropriate 'on-the-day' procedures for testing;
  • Any other 'special' procedures, e.g., COVID-19 precautions, changes in systems, etc.

Your PI should email the lab manager to set up an induction and introduce the student, and provide background information on what they will need. If requested, students can also email the lab manager directly, at gordon.mills@ucl.ac.uk

Working Hours

Normal Working Hours  for the Chandler House research laboratories are defined as follows:


Monday to Friday



9:00 to 17:00

17:00 to 19:00

9:00 to 19:00

Undergraduates and Visitors

Unrestricted access

No access

No access

Taught and Research Masters Students

Unrestricted access

MSc+ accompanied access only*

No access

Staff and PhD students

Unrestricted access

MSc+ accompanied access only*

PhD+ accompanied access only**

* You must be accompanied by at least one other current taught or research PaLS Masters student.
Alternatively, you may be accompanied by a PaLS PhD student or staff member.
** You must be accompanied by at least one other PaLS PhD student or staff member.