UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


What we do

Researchers at the ICL Research Centre conduct interesting studies investigating various aspects of child language development. We use both behavioural and non-invasive neurophysiological methods to do this. For example, in our electroencephalography (EEG) studies, the child usually listens to speech sounds while their brain activity is recorded. This is a completely safe procedure, and we try to make our experiments as enjoyable and age-appropriate as possible for the child. We also perform behavioural speech perception and production experiments and standardised tests of language development and cognition. 

We have a suite of child-friendly rooms and facilities including a reception area with a range of toys and books, a small and a large behavioural testing room, and an EEG lab complete with an electrically shielded, sound-attenuated booth. We also have a database of research participants for affiliated members.

If you have more enquiries about our research studies especially about the study you're interested in participating in, please contact the researcher in charge directly.