UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Phonology Reading Group

The Phonology reading group brings together postgraduate students and researchers interested in phonology and its interfaces with other domains, both from within UCL and from the wider academic community.

It will be an excellent complement to the Laboratory for Language and Speech Diversions (LLSD) and the London Phonology Seminar. Researchers can discuss various research questions and open problems to further improve our expertise in the field and generate research ideas. It offers members a chance to present their own research to the group or to lead a discussion on a subject or article of general interest or the latest research papers in the phonology.

It will be an informal meeting, so please feel free to come and say your words.

Meetings are held every other Tuesday at 1pm.

If you would like to join the group or have any queries or would like to present, please contact Donald Gong or Florian Breit.