Open education



Education for all has taken on a new meaning in the digital age. The internet has paved the way for a cultural revolution in which academics share their teaching materials online, for free. Teaching staff can 'pick and mix' these to suit their own purposes.
 Innovation thrives when the costs and obstacles for experimenting are low.

Open education, similar to the open access (OA) and open science movements, embodies the philosophy of making knowledge available to society at large without barriers. Open education, specifically, relates to the products and outputs of teaching and training. It allows OER to be shared quickly and widely, and its reuse ensures the continued refinement of that learning object.

This spirit of collaborative working opens up higher education to a much wider audience, gives students and teachers greater access and raises the profile of the academics who create OER.

UCL is already committed to making all its research available online on UCL Discovery and has released some excellent learning resources. This UCL OE project now seeks to support the creation, preservation, and distribution of UCL's teaching and educational output.

We have developed a beta repository, OpenEd@UCL, where we have begun collating some of UCL's open teaching content, and are also working to advance the practice of open education across UCL. With new supporting technologies and changing practices on the horizon, the potential to advance learning is huge.

Open science and scholarship at UCL

This video outlines the open science and open scholarship goals at UCL, and the library's role in facilitating this. Open education is a facet of open scholarship, and embraces the same concepts of sharing and openness.

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