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Register as an Expert

For UCL staff to register as a UCL expert with the UCL Media Relations team

Please note you must be on the main UCL HR Database to register as an expert.

If you are a member of UCL staff and would like to register as a UCL expert, or if you have already registered and would like to update your profile, please access the database here:

If the system asks you to log in, you should use your UCL username and password details (i.e. the details you use to access MyView).

The form for your profile does not include compulsory fields, but you should at least include a few relevant 'Keywords' and, if possible, a short summary of your work in the 'Research interests and expertise' section.

Once you have finished with your profile, click the 'Submit for Approval' button at the bottom of the page to send your changes to UCL Media Relations. The Media Relations team will approve your profile as soon as possible and it will then appear on the main 'Find an Expert' directory.

If you have any problems, please contact UCL Media Relations.