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New system trial for reporting building issues

26 October 2023

The MyCampus system will be trialled in six buildings from 6 November, before being rolled out across UCL. Staff and students can report maintenance issues and track progress.

UCL Quad

What do I need to know? 

MyCampus is an integrated workplace management system (IWMS), of the type used by many large organisations, which provides a single source of truth for all Estates data to inform decision-making on the operational requirements of UCL’s estate. 

The first module we are working on is a replacement for the current system of reporting estates issues and requests to the Helpdesk team, as we are aware that is an area which can create frustration.  Whilst MyCampus is a digital change, we have co-ordinated this with the successful transformation of our Maintenance Operations Team structure which now ensures we best support our customer community. 

The first phase of testing the new system will start on 6 November in the following six buildings: 

  • Kathleen Lonsdale Building (KLB) 
  • South Wing 
  • Christopher Ingold Building (CIB) 
  • 1-19 Torrington Place 
  • School of Pharmacy  
  • Astor College 

Staff and students will be able to report any estates issues or requests in these buildings from 6 November via a link to MyCampus from the ‘Raise a Service Request’ page on the Estates website. For now, we recommend accessing this link via a desktop web browser although we are working to make the new system accessible from all devices including mobile phones, and work is underway to allow access to the reporting system via the InsideUCL app

Users of other buildings on the Bloomsbury campus can continue to report issues via the existing link on the Raise a Service Request page. 

Staff and students at UCL East can report issues by email or telephone.  

Why are these buildings in the pilot? 

These buildings have been chosen for their range of uses, and ages, so that we can see how the new system works across a variety of locations and put any identified improvements in place before the full launch. The selection includes a student residence, teaching facilities, laboratories, public realm, and office space.  

What will the next steps be? 

We are expecting to run the pilot for a minimum of three months, to ensure that the system works and delivers a better experience to building users, as well as giving us time to identify and put in place any improvements that may be needed. After this we aim to roll the system out to remaining UCL buildings, and will let you know when this is going to happen closer to the time. 

If you have any questions or would like further information please email mycampus.support@ucl.ac.uk.