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Report safety concerns in your workplace through Inside UCL

9 November 2023

You can now report safety concerns and accidents via Inside UCL. Reporting a hazard or dangerous situation in your workplace will now take just three minutes.

A mobile phone showing the Inside UCL app, with the new 'Report Safety Incident' section

Let us know if you’ve noticed anything potentially unsafe, if you or a colleague have had an accident or been injured. If you see something that needs to be addressed, don’t think twice. Report it via Inside UCL.

Open Inside UCL

What can you report? 

  • You noticed a hazard in your work environment, something that has the potential to injure someone or cause damage. For example, a trailing cable which somebody could trip over > Report a hazard observation (3 mins). 
  • There was an unsafe situation or accident, but nobody got hurt. For example, somebody trips over a trailing cable but does not hurt themselves > Report a near miss (3 mins). 
  • A person was injured in an accident > Report an injury (6-10 mins). 


A simpler reporting interface makes reporting accidents, hazards, and near misses easier. There are three main advantages to reporting on Inside UCL: 

  • Ease of use: The tool is user-friendly and intuitive.  
  • Mobile-friendly: Reporting can be done on mobile devices from anywhere, at any time. 
  • Attachments: Photos and documents can be attached during reporting, providing a better understanding of the safety concern or incident. 

It’s also easy to share your experiences of using the app, and make suggestions or let us know if there are any problems via the feedback form on the app’s landing page

We’ll take a look at each report and respond appropriately, as soon as we can. If you see something that concerns you, don't think twice. Report it via Inside UCL.