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New mandatory training course launching for all UCL staff

2 March 2023

A new training course – Introduction to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) – will be launching on 6 March, mandatory for all UCL staff to complete.

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Following a successful pilot with new staff and the Faculty of Laws, the Introduction to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) course is being rolled out to our wider community.

UCL staff will receive an email from LearnUpon notifying them that they have been enrolled on the course. Please complete the training within four weeks.  
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are key concepts that should inform our ways of working and interactions with staff and students across UCL. Understanding the ways in which these concepts shape our day-to-day experiences can support us to embed healthy working and learning environments for staff and students of all backgrounds, and break down the barriers that many in our community may face when it comes to progression or reaching their full potential. This new course has been designed as an introduction to EDI with a view to setting a foundation for further institutional training, which will provide more specialist content.  
UCL is committed to ensuring a welcoming, safe and healthy working environment for all staff, students and visitors. Embedding EDI throughout our university is part of this commitment. This course is a welcome departure from generic EDI provision and has been designed specifically with UCL in mind. This means we can induct new members of staff into UCL’s approach to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.  
The course has been designed with input and feedback from the EDI Team, Organisational Development, Inclusion Leads, Dignity Advisors, EDI Vice Deans, Digital Accessibility and external consultants who led on the design and learning development of the digital content.  For more information on all other mandatory training courses please visit the Mandatory Training page. 

All staff can view their mandatory training record and access their mandatory training courses on the Inside UCL app. And while you are on the app please also take the opportunity to update your own EDI information on the "My details" option.