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Bikes on campus: Security message for staff and students

2 August 2023

Over the next new weeks, UCL Security will start to remove bikes and locks that have been left on UCL cycle racks for more than two weeks. Please take action now if you’ve left a bike or lock secured to a UCL cycle rack.

Two bicycles standing on a pavement

In order to free up space on our cycle racks and reduce the risk of theft, UCL Security will be removing any bike and/or lock on a UCL cycle rack which has been there for more than 2 weeks. Teams will be following up on any reports of abandoned bikes and checking for clear signs of neglect such as flat tires, rust, and cobwebs. Notices will be placed on bike racks confirming this process is taking place. Removals will start from Monday 14 August.

If you have a bike secured to our racks then please remove it as soon as possible, or inform UCL Security (via Sophie Bimson) if you’re unable to collect it before 14 August. Any bikes and locks that are removed will be stored securely, and can be collected later by arrangement with UCL Security.

As we move into the new term, please be aware that our cycle racks are only intended to be used on a temporary basis, and bikes left for more than 24 hours could be removed. This is to ensure they are not targeted by thieves and there is enough space for everyone who needs to use them.

Please also be aware that bike thefts do occur across London – take a look at our guidance on Bike Security for advice on how to protect your bike from theft and increase the chances of recovery if your bike is stolen.

We appreciate your cooperation as we implement these measures to protect your property and ensure there is capacity for all members of the UCL community who wish to cycle to campus.

Many thanks,
UCL Security Team