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Asbestos awareness

28 October 2021

With parts of UCL’s campus dating back to the 1820s, it is no surprise that some of our buildings were built using materials and practices that are no longer used today.

Asbestos warning sign

Some of UCL’s buildings were built or refurbished during a time when the use of asbestos in building materials was common. While asbestos can pose certain risks, it is not dangerous if it’s regularly monitored, well managed and kept in a good condition.

It is the job of the UCL Asbestos Team to keep this in mind and regularly check the condition of all asbestos materials to keep staff and students safe on campus.

As the team carry out their work, you may see asbestos labels in various locations across campus. These labels are only to inform you that asbestos is in the area and that the team are carrying out the necessary checks. There is no reason to worry or be concerned – these signs do not mean that there is an additional risk to the area. 

If you do have any concerns about asbestos containing materials (ACMs) on campus or spot signs of physical damage, contact the Asbestos Team by emailing estates.asbestos@ucl.ac.uk and raise a service request via the Estates Customer Helpdesk

Staff are reminded that any maintenance or service requests and other requests to address building issues should be made via the Estates Customer Helpdesk

The helpdesk is open from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Please contact the team on 020 7679 0000 or UCL ext. 30000. Alternatively, you can email efdservices@ucl.ac.uk.