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'Please give me space' lanyards available for students

9 August 2021

'Please give me space' is an NHS-led initiative which aims to act as a polite reminder to maintain respectful distancing around others when possible. Please look out for these and be mindful of people's wishes.

Please give me space

UCL is supporting the national ‘Please give me space’ / ‘Distance aware’ initiative.

'Please give me space' is for anyone who would like to confidently social distance. This includes, but is not confined to, groups with an invisible disability or disabilities (including mental health conditions) and people identified as extremely clinically vulnerable by the NHS.

The aim is to give the wearer confidence that when they go out in public those around them will 'give them space'. Use of any of the 'Please give me space' products is a choice for individuals if they wish to use it. It is not compulsory, simply a tool for those who find it helpful.

Please do visit the UCL 'Please give me space' page to find out more, including a video about the scheme, and show respect to others when moving about the campus.

If you'd like a lanyard, you can either follow the links to print one from the UCL ‘Please give me space’ web page or collect one from the Wellbeing Hub in the Front Quad from 20 September – 3 October.