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Make sure your leave balance is correct for next year in MyHR

1 October 2020

The annual leave tool in MyHR will be updated on 1 October – read on to find out what you need to do to make sure your annual leave balance is correct for next year.


On 1 October we will be refreshing the annual leave tool in MyHR. Making this change will ensure that annual leave will calculate accurately for staff at UCL and balance entitlements will be correct at the start of the new leave year.

This change means that there will be no automatic carry-over of outstanding annual leave for this year.

If you have annual leave that you would like to carry over to the 2020/21 leave year, we ask you to work with your line manager to submit the annual leave carry forward request using the employee and manager self service functionality in MyHR. You can find instructions on how to do this by downloading this document:


In recognition of the additional pressures placed upon staff during the current period, UCL has relaxed the rules concerning the amount of leave that can be carried over to next year’s allocation . You can carry over seven days of annual leave into the 2020/21 leave year. This is a one-off decision for this year only, with no change to UCL’s standard Annual Leave Policy. You can find out more on the HR website.

You can submit requests to carry over your leave from 1 October.

Please note that if you change your working arrangements – for example moving from full-time to part-time – during October, your absence balance will not calculate correctly until 1 November.

For more information and guidance, please visit the MyHR website.