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Participate in the Inquiry into the History of Teaching and Research of Eugenics at UCL

12 July 2019

UCL staff, students and alumni are invited to contribute to UCL's Eugenics Inquiry by taking part in an online survey and/or focus groups.

UCL Front Quad and Portico

This research project is part of the work of The Commission of Inquiry into the History of Eugenics at UCL. It is led by an independent Chair, Professor Iyiola Solanke from the School of Law at the University of Leeds. The Commission was appointed in December 2018 by UCL President & Provost Professor Michael Arthur to make recommendations on how to address the historical role of UCL in the teaching and research of eugenics, its links to modern day racism and future teaching and research.

To fulfil this task, Professor Arthur and the Commission consider that it is crucial to learn about the opinions, beliefs and ideas that the full range of the UCL community has about the teaching and study of eugenics as it is connected to the history of UCL. In the words of Professor Arthur, "We want to ensure that we have the widest evidence base from which to gauge the opinions of UCL and ultimately to take the most appropriate action.”

We encourage you to take part, regardless of your awareness or knowledge on the topic of eugenics and its history in UCL. Your participation is vital to shape the response to this important moment in our history.

For more details and to participate in this research, please answer an online questionnaire and/or attend a lunch-hour focus group by registering via the links below.

All venues for the focus groups are wheelchair accessible. Please let Monica Bernal know if you have any other requirements that will enable you to participate.

Online questionnaire

The questionnaire will take no more than 15 minutes to complete:
Survey for UCL staff and students
Survey for the general public

Lunch-hour focus groups

Focus groups will take place from 13:00–14:00 and a vegetarian lunch will be provided. Please let Monica Bernal know if you have any allergies.

Each focus group will have a maximum of 6 to 8 participants. The format is that of an amicable and engaging discussion about eugenics at UCL. To book a place, please click on one of the links below for your chosen UCL member category and/or date (password to register: eugenicsucl):

Postgraduate students

Black and Minority Ethnic students

Undergraduate students