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UCL academics cited in global list of influential researchers

28 November 2018

A total of 41 researchers from UCL have been named in Clarivate’s ‘Highly Cited Researchers 2018’ list, which recognises authors of the most influential research papers around the world

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UCL’s results are comparable with its key university peers, including Oxford (55 researchers recognised), Cambridge (47) and Imperial College London (29).

UCL had at least one researcher in nine of the 17 academic fields listed, namely: Neuroscience & Behaviour; Environment/Ecology; Space Science; Biology & Biochemistry; Clinical Medicine; General Social Sciences; Psychiatry/Psychology; Pharmacology & Toxicology; and Cross-Field.

In addition, UCL had a higher number of researchers (22) recognised in the ‘Cross-Field’ category than its university peers. This distinction illustrates UCL’s engagement with cross-disciplinary activity. 

UCL’s Vice Provost (Research), Professor David Price, said: “We are extremely proud of all our researchers, while inclusion in this list is a particularly noteworthy achievement and is a demonstration of those researchers’ global influence.

“The broad citation impact across nine academics fields, including a significant number of cross-field researchers, demonstrates our university’s commitment to cross-disciplinary investigation and discovery.”

Now in its fifth year, the Clarivate Highly Cited Research list identifies influential researchers as determined by their peers around the globe – those who have consistently won recognition in terms of how widely their research has been cited in other people's publications over a decade.

Annette Thomas, CEO of the Scientific & Academic Research group at Clarivate Analytics, said: "The Highly Cited Researchers 2018 list helps to identify the researchers who are having the greatest impact on the research community as measured by the rate at which their work is being cited by others and that contributes so greatly to extending the frontier and gaining knowledge and innovations for society – contributions that make the world healthier, safer, richer, and more sustainable."

The number of journal citations is simply one of many indicators of academic excellence. In relation to this, Professor Price is chairing a town hall meeting open to the UCL community, to discuss UCL’s policy on responsible bibliometric use. For further information go to: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/library/news/2018/nov/ucl-bibliometrics-town-hall

Listed UCL researchers

Biology & Biochemistry: Dr Javier HerreroDr Rachael Huntley 

Clinical Medicine: Professor Mika Kivimaki

Cross-Field: Professor Gert Attard, Professor Eric Brunner, Professor Juan-Pablo Casas, Professor Tony Charman, Professor Mark Hamer, Professor Aroon HingoraniProfessor Steve Humphries, Professor Kostas Kostarelos, Professor Diana Kuh, Professor Meena Kumari, Professor Glyn Lewis, Professor David Jones, Professor Angelos Michaelidis, Professor Andrew Phillips, Professor Christine Power, Professor John Rothwell, Professor Anthony Schapira, Professor Liam Smeeth, Professor Andrew Steptoe, Professor Jane Wardle, Professor Nicholas Wood, Professor Derek Yellon, Professor Sir Alimuddin Zumla

Environment/Ecology: Dr Ben Collen, Professor Simon Lewis, Professor Dame Georgina Mace, Professor Richard Pearson

Neuroscience & Behaviour: Professor Timothy Behrens, Professor Nick Fox, Professor Karl Friston, Professor John Hardy, Professor David Miller, Professor Martin Rossor

Pharmacology & Toxicology: Dr Dimitri Mikhailidis

Psychiatry/Psychology: Professor Susan Michie

Social Sciences/General: Professor Sir Michael Marmot, Professor Patrick Royston

Space Science: Professor Richard Ellis

Two UCL academics recognised in the Highly Cited Research List 2018, have passed away: Professor Jane Wardle and Dr Ben Collen. Their research and achievements are recognised here and here.


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