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Involving staff in Transforming our Professional Services

29 November 2018

The Transforming our Professional Services (TOPS) programme is now working with HR, ISD, Procurement, and a cross-UCL staff team to find a replacement for our current recruitment system, ROME.

TOPS recruitment vendor session

After hearing from colleagues across UCL during the TOPS engagement phase, it was clear that we needed a new recruitment system to make it easier to recruit and successfully onboard staff.

We formally invited a range of companies to tender for our new recruitment system, and then we asked a cross-UCL group of professional services staff to meet with the shortlisted companies. 

Michelle Plimmer, Senior Procurement Manager commented, “We are keen to ensure that staff who use the recruitment system are involved in selecting the new provider. The day-long vendor presentation sessions will allow staff to preview the vendors’ solutions and raise questions with the vendors as part of the tender evaluation process. The staff group will also contribute to the tender scoring to ensure that the new system respects their needs, and reflects lessons we’ve learnt from the existing system.”

What’s next

Once the cross-institutional staff group has completed its assessment, the procurement process will move into the final stage with the preferred vendor. When this has been completed, we will be able to give you the target delivery date for the new recruitment system.