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UCL Academic Services: staff sessions on upcoming changes to examinations and assessment regulations at UCL

18 January 2018

UCL Academic Services is holding a series of events this term open to all UCL staff which will discuss upcoming changes to examinations and assessment regulations at UCL.


Topics include:

  • the roll-out of Late Summer Assessments across UCL, including implications for external examining;
  • changes to the Assessment Regulations for 2018-19; and
  • information about the ongoing Academic Model Project.

The Information Markets, covering undergraduate and taught postgraduate regulations separately, will begin with short presentations about the above topics, followed by small-group discussions with colleagues from Academic Services working in these areas. Attending the Information Market will give staff the opportunity to learn and ask questions about upcoming changes in these areas and how they will impact on their work.

Please see the Upcoming Events page in the Academic Manual to register.

Further information on these main areas can be found at the following web-links:

Late Summer Assessments

2018-19 Assessment Regulations

Academic Model Project

UCL Student & Registry Services