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CMIS Go - A new room booking system for centrally bookable spaces

3 December 2018

On Tuesday 28 August a new room booking system, CMIS Go, will be launched.

CMISGo — A new room booking system for centrally bookable spaces

CMIS Go is user friendly, intuitive and bookings can be made following 6 simple steps:

· select a location
· select a date and time
· pick a suitable room from the search results
· add a contact
· add any additional information
· complete your booking

Availability is displayed in real time, and space is provisionally reserved at the time of request. No more clashes in booking requests!

How do I use the new room booking tool?

A step by step user guide, system FAQs and booking principles documents will be available from the room booking page on the Estates website: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/estates/roombooking/

The room booking team will be available to assist you with queries regarding your bookings at: roombookings@ucl.ac.uk

We hope you enjoy this new booking environment.

Estates room bookings team.