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Implementation of UCL pay award for 2016/17

1 September 2016

The Universities and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA) has informed Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) participating in the 2016-17 national pay round (including UCL) that they may now implement the employers' final pay offer.

Quad Birds eye This consists of 1.1% on all points from 1 August 2016, with higher uplifts to the lower points on the national pay spine, as follows:
  • Point 1 - 3.1% *  
  • Point 2 - 3.1% *
  • Point 3 - 2.7%
  • Point 4 - 2.7%
  • Point 5 - 2.2%
  • Point 6 - 1.7%
  • Point 7 - 1.6%

(* UCL has deleted Points 1 and 2 on the national pay scale so UCL salaries start on Point 3).

The final pay offer, taken together with pay progression for around half of staff, results in an average sector increase totalling 2.7%, which compares favourably with private sector average increases of 2.5% in the last quarter and to public services increases mainly capped at 1%. UCL will also apply the 1.1% increase to the London Weighting.

UCL is pleased that the additional payments on the lower points, and the offer itself, recognise the challenges facing our lower paid staff. The basic pay uplift is of course just one element in the total pay, reward and recognition envelope. The overall staff reward and benefit package at UCL includes excellent conditions of service, a range of benefits and opportunities for pay progression and other contribution-related pay increases. 

We recognise that the final offer has not yet been accepted by the trade unions. UCEA has however written to UCL and other HEIs explaining that, with the final offer having been made in April and the dispute procedure concluded in mid-May, it does not believe it is reasonable to expect employees to wait many more months beyond the 1 August implementation date to receive their pay increases. Therefore, the draft settlement will be implemented in the September payroll, backdated to 1 August 2016.

It is disappointing that the UCU, UNISON and Unite unions continue to threaten national strike action in respect of the 2016/17 pay negotiating round. UCL believes that the final offer is a very fair one; is at the limit of affordability; and represents the very best offer available for 2016-17. UCEA listened, considered and responded to the trade unions on all aspects of their claim in the offer it made back in April. The draft settlement document clearly demonstrates this by amplifying and extending the national joint work on important matters of mutual concern, including gender pay gaps and casual working.

Nigel Waugh, Executive Director, UCL Human Resources Division