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UCL European Research & Innovation Office: update and open calls on EU funding

14 July 2016

The UCL European Research & Innovation Office would like to reassure all academics that until the UK leaves the EU, the referendum result has no immediate effect on those applying to or participating in Horizon 2020 grants.

Quad summer UK participants can continue to apply, be evaluated and receive funding from, the programme in the normal way.

Between September 2016 and April 2017 there are several EU funding schemes applicable to researchers within UCL.

Forthcoming grant schemes are listed below. If you click on the web link it gives details of the call topic which you need to address exactly in your proposal.

1. ERC Advanced Fellowships: deadline 1 September 2016


2. SC1-PM-02-2017 New concepts in patient stratification

Two stage:  deadline Oct 4th 2016 and April 11th 2017


3. SC1-PM-03-2017 Diagnostic characterisation of rare diseases: deadline April 11th 2017


4. SC1-PM-07-2017 Promoting mental health and well-being in the young

Two stage:  deadline Oct 4th 2016 and April 11th 2017


5. SC1-PM-08-2017 New therapies for rare diseases

Two stage:  deadline Oct 4th 2016 and April 11th 2017


6. SC1-PM-17-2017 Personalised computer models and in-silico systems for the well-being: deadline March 14th 2017


7. NMBP-12-2017 Development of a reliable methodology for a better risk management of engineered biomaterials in advanced therapy medicinal products and/or medical devices.

Two stage:  deadline Oct 27th 2016 and May 4th 2017


8. NMBP-13-2017 Cross cutting KETs for diagnostics at the point of care: deadline January 19th 2017


9. NMBP-15-2017 Nanotechnologies for imaging cellular transplants and regenerative processes in vivo

Two stage:  deadline Oct 27th 2016 and May 4th 2017


Should you wish to discuss anything further and/or submit an application please contact Dr Juliet A. Ellis at juliet.ellis@ucl.ac.uk  at The European Research and Innovation Office (ERIO) and for details of our proposal support, writing and management service see http://www.ucl.ac.uk/research/europe/proposalsupport.

Juliet Ellis, European Proposal Manager, UCL European Research & Innovation Office